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why choose mock5 design?

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We are a boutique creative agency with big capabilities, offering a highly individualized experience for our clients. At mock5, we specialize in building lasting and meaningful client relationships. What does that mean for you? Our dedicated team of designers, strategists, account managers, and content creators gain a deep knowledge of your target audience, so that we can deliver your message effectively every time.

who is mock5 design?

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We are collaborators, leaders, designers, developers, brand strategists, wordsmiths, account managers, problem-solvers. Your partner in the process.
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Monica Mockus


Tracy Kislan

vice president

Nick Araco

account manager

Ryan Cameron

project manager

Robert DiLauro

IT director

James Dinn

production specialist

Christa Hackenberg

associate art director

Evan Johnstone

account manager

Sarah Kendrick

account manager

Jess Keyser

senior graphic designer

Alexia Kirkwood

account manager

Charlotte Markward

creative director

Alfred Otero

business strategy director

Tori Page

lead designer

Gretchen Slapinsky

associate creative director

Marissa-Paige Smith

editorial coordinator

Anne Stephens

account manager

Gabrielle Wharton


Paul Wilson

traffic manager

Kim Zapfel