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The leadership team of an oncology franchise was seeking to provide highly-useful, focused, and consistent strategy and execution guidance for a full range of new and existing oncology indications. With field reps moving from on-the-road meetings to home or in-office communication, the right solution was a moving target.

we love a challenge

Field reps required quick access to product objectives, patient types, interaction flow, and discussion tips when preparing for meetings on the road, and in their office. The strategy was cut and dry– create a templated document for all 17 resources and refine the content for familiarity and flow. But the true challenge became apparent as the needs of the field reps changed again, and again, and the budgetary and time constraints became tighter. The delivery platform would shift multiple times over the course of its life-cycle.


The initial approach was a one-pager resource that could be printed or downloaded on an mobile device or laptop, but our continuous user-centric discovery process ultimately led us to a more “old-school” approach–a simple hands-on “visor guide” that provided easy access to messaging reminders before each in-person visit. 

Before this solution saw the light of day, the reps were sent home due to the pandemic. Working quickly with the client, we shifted back to the digital one-pager, and waited to see if and when field reps would continue their real-world interactions. As we waited, a new set of challenges arose; budgetary constraints, and a tighter timeline for content updates and review boards.

the end result

We talked with the client at length about how to meet them where they are, to find a template format that would allow the brand teams to easily make content updates, no matter their skillset. With all hands on deck, we returned to the discovery process to workshop several formatting options, to find a solution that would require the least troubleshooting support from our design and production team. With a buttoned-up template and proper guidance on how to use the document, this shift in responsibility would go on to save the client over $100k annually and would allow for tighter internal timelines. While we remain a support system for the client, the brand templates give them autonomy and much needed control to deliver the most up-to-date, relevant evidence that helps improve rep fluency and alignment, which in turn maximizes the use of HCP’s time.

“In the truest sense of a thought-partner, we worked closely with our client which allowed us to stay on course as their requirements, team members, and the world changed around us. Templating the design system helped ease the transition through each iteration. Reps would remain accustomed to the language and flow, no matter how it was presented.”

NICK ARACO mock5 Account Manager


User-centric Service Design

Medical education expertise

Dedicated account team


5 digital brand templates

Guidance document

Continuous discovery


Annual savings of $100k

Improved fluency and alignment

Faster content updates

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