Revitalizing Vaccines Website

areas of focus
This complex pharmaceutical company website was reexamined and revamped to be an intuitive, user-centric, go-to source for trusted, relevant vaccination information and patient support for healthcare professionals.

we love a challenge

The biggest challenge was enhancing the user experience for site visitors while meeting the needs of internal client stakeholders. It was imperative that we do a full investigation to gather data to make informed decisions. With a project of this scale, which includes 12 brands, 49 item codes and 6 external vendors, we needed to be able to pivot as priorities changed. Cadence was critical.


The project required a robust discovery that consisted of a full site audit, stakeholder interviews, user personas, and a deep dive into previous market research findings and best practices. New market research was conducted to gain insight, utilizing prototypes based on Service Design and Design Thinking as well as a range of tactics aimed at seeing the big picture. Our dedicated project team engaged client leadership early and often, enlisting them as champions. This collaboration was an invaluable resource.

the end result

The new site built in WordPress VIP is now a scalable and streamlined portal that is patient-centric and customer-focused; there is reduced churn, improved usability, greater alignment across the brands, and a more efficient ordering process with faster updates to market. To ensure that the site remains cohesive going forward, we created two comprehensive guidance documents for development, content, and editorial, that will help steer the brand teams as they update their content.

Our agile approach and endless collaboration, plus a comprehensive QC process, led to a successful and on-time launch, nearly 2 weeks after the sudden Stay-at-Home order. The client required a quick shift to address COVID-19 on the site, but our team found staying flexible an easy task after a year of practicing our pivots.

“Findings from our research became the North Star for this redesign. Whenever the project strayed from the course, we were able to come back to the findings and readjust.”

GRETCHEN SLAPINSKY mock5 Creative Director

Listen to mock5 Project Manager Sarah Kendrick talk about how communication and collaboration were the keys to getting things done.


Service Design strategy

Engaging with client leadership

User feedback

Dedicated core team

Modernized site technology



Informed market research

Comprehensive design system 

Utilization of WordPress VIP

Incorporated Single Sign-On Interface


Improved heuristics

Streamlined experience

Consistent product information

Enhanced customer service

Faster content updates

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