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happy anniversary

March 14, 2019


We’re here celebrating our fifth year anniversary! I sat down with Monica Mockus to ask her what this milestone means to her.

“It’s really incredible to think of what’s gone into the last five years: how much we’ve grown and how much change there’s been. It really comes down to one thing…hard work. This team is incredible. They are dedicated to their craft and to the company and I want to thank them and congratulate them on their hard work and their commitment to mock5.

I also want to thank our clients and everyone who has been involved in helping us grow. Mock5 is truly a family. We love each other, we champion for each other, we’re committed to each other, and we challenge each other on a daily basis. We keep looking to the future, and are excited about where we’re going to go next, and we know as a team, and with each other, anything is possible.”

Congratulations Monica, for putting together such a great team and for absolutely nailing it these last five years. We’re proud to be on this ship with you…now let’s shoot for the moon!

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