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November 20, 2017

By Alissa Boyle, editor

July 2017 marked mock5’s official move into our new studio space, and we spent much of the next few months pitching in to finish the job. Some days required heavy lifting; others consisted of hanging artwork and rearranging furniture to bring our vision for the space to life.

As the dust settled, though, we knew that there was only one way to truly feel like this new space was completely our own: to invite all the people who helped us get here.

So that had us thinking: How do you throw a new space party? You plan-et.

space party invitation

The out-of-this-world theme that we chose was carried through the signage (directional signs throughout the building and food/beverage labels), decorations, and nametags—even a photo booth complete with props to provide the perfect backdrop for plenty of party selfies.

We also let clients in on our well-kept secret, the talented Robert Mockus, who graciously prepared platter after platter of delicious eats for our guests, as he has on many occasions for staff meetings. (Seriously, mock5 has the most delicious staff meetings ever!)

We continued our theme here, too, from our “one small step for cheese” Brie & fruit compote plate to our “cheesy astro-knots” soft pretzels with cheese and beer dip.

Thank you to all who could join us as we celebrated the official launch of our new space, and helped us recognize our ongoing commitment to those who helped us get here: our clients.

Watch how it went!

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