mock5 selected for Catapult Program

Christa Hackenberg
Christa Hackenberg

Senior art director

Mock5 is honored and delighted to have been chosen for the Capital One Catapult Program, an annual program designed to help 10 diverse business owners develop a solution to a critical business challenge.

Developed and facilitated by Capital One’s Supplier Diversity team, in partnership with national certifying organizations, Catapult is an intensive, seven-month transformational journey. Designed to help them bridge the digital skills gap, Catapult offers participants instructional courses, collaborative thinking workshops, access to one-on-one meetings with Subject Matter Experts, and regular meetings with a dedicated Advisory Board.

During the program, we’ll have the opportunity to gain insight and knowledge that will provide us with the building blocks needed to develop a technology-driven and innovative solution to our selected business challenge.

“Collaboration is vital for 21st century businesses, so solutions shouldn’t only be accessible to those with deep pockets.” says Charlotte Markward, Senior Creative Director and design leader. “We want to create software that answers a need – a HUMAN need. I’m so excited that we have this opportunity to learn from people who are experts in these human-centered fields.”

The Catapult program culminates with a pitch session, to be held virtually, in June 2022. We will deliver a pitch before a panel of judges in the hopes that we will be awarded a sizable cash grant to assist in developing our proposed solution.

“mock5 firmly believes in the power of possibilities.” says Monica Mockus, our founder and CEO. “We invite opportunities to explore solutions that grow and adapt in the same way as the challenges they are intended to answer. Capital One’s Catapult Program is an opening to an entirely new level of expertise and learning that will enable mock5 to build digital solutions that deliver on our mission — bringing value to every life touched by our work.”