mock5 reaches bronze ESG certification

We are beyond excited to announce that mock5 has achieved our bronze-level ESG certification from EcoVadis, an independent rating agency that assesses environmental performance and corporate social responsibility. ESG is NOT just another buzzword for mock5. We are committed to continuing our efforts to improve our practices in the sustainability themes of environment, ethics, labor and human rights, and sustainable procurement, not only for the benefit of our team but for our clients and our global community.

What is ESG? Let’s break it down:

Environmental: This includes everything related to a company’s impact it has on the environment and its overall commitment to sustainability. Examples of this include water and energy usage, carbon emissions, environmental policy, and waste.

mock5 uses eco-friendly office & kitchen supplies in our studio and strives to reduce, reuse, & recycle whenever possible. 

Social: This encompasses a company’s internal workplace policies regarding employee health and safety, diversity and inclusion, employee relations, health benefits, and other forms of physical and mental health-related support.

mock5 offers monthly “wellness days” and promotes a healthy work-life balance for everyone on our team!

Governance: A company’s commitment to governance includes its internal corporate culture, compliance, procurement practices, company ethos, and board diversity and accountability.

Learn more about ESG and the EcoVadis rating system here

"ESG has always been a priority for mock5, and now we have a medal to prove it! And while this is an incredible accomplishment, it is really just a springboard for us. mock5 is committed to leaving this world better than we found it – that includes environmentally and socially, for ourselves and all the amazing companies and humans we have the privilege to support. Reading Yvon Chouinard (Patagonia) was an awakening for me. Now we’re on our journey to setting grander goals that have an even greater impact. Our small but mighty team has our sites on Gold!"

Monica Mockus; founder and CEO of mock5
ESG ecovadis

mock5 selected for Catapult Program

Christa Hackenberg
Christa Hackenberg

Senior art director

Mock5 is honored and delighted to have been chosen for the Capital One Catapult Program, an annual program designed to help 10 diverse business owners develop a solution to a critical business challenge.

Developed and facilitated by Capital One’s Supplier Diversity team, in partnership with national certifying organizations, Catapult is an intensive, seven-month transformational journey. Designed to help them bridge the digital skills gap, Catapult offers participants instructional courses, collaborative thinking workshops, access to one-on-one meetings with Subject Matter Experts, and regular meetings with a dedicated Advisory Board.

During the program, we’ll have the opportunity to gain insight and knowledge that will provide us with the building blocks needed to develop a technology-driven and innovative solution to our selected business challenge.

“Collaboration is vital for 21st century businesses, so solutions shouldn’t only be accessible to those with deep pockets.” says Charlotte Markward, Senior Creative Director and design leader. “We want to create software that answers a need – a HUMAN need. I’m so excited that we have this opportunity to learn from people who are experts in these human-centered fields.”

The Catapult program culminates with a pitch session, to be held virtually, in June 2022. We will deliver a pitch before a panel of judges in the hopes that we will be awarded a sizable cash grant to assist in developing our proposed solution.

“mock5 firmly believes in the power of possibilities.” says Monica Mockus, our founder and CEO. “We invite opportunities to explore solutions that grow and adapt in the same way as the challenges they are intended to answer. Capital One’s Catapult Program is an opening to an entirely new level of expertise and learning that will enable mock5 to build digital solutions that deliver on our mission — bringing value to every life touched by our work.”

Happy Holidaze!

If you are lucky enough to work for a company like mock5 that shuts down for the last 2 weeks of the year, then you know that the month leading up to that final day is hectic, overwhelming, and of course, so stinkin’ exciting! Two weeks to relax, get stuff done around the house…it’s glorious. For some, it’s easy to close their laptop until the first day back, while others find it impossible to really “shut down” over the break. 

It’s important to find balance during the transition from “work busy” to “holiday busy”. Managing your to-do list that is as long as the naughty list, finding time for some proper self-care, scheduling time with friends and family. It’s almost like a different job. 

While everyone’s winter break will look different, here’s a list of helpful (and sometimes obvious) tips and reminders to help you make the most of your time off.

Think ahead

After a week or two of doing everything but working (if you’re lucky) it’s easy to lose track of the little things that await when you return to the day-to-day grind in January. Before your holiday break, make a to-do list of all the things that are taking up space in your brain, rent free. Where you are in a project, who you need to reach out to, what numbers need to be crunched…your future self will be glad you did. Keep the list somewhere near your computer as a gentle reminder that you have everything under control and it’s ok to relax during the break. If you feel like this list will taunt you until New Year’s Eve, then by all means, keep it on your phone or computer. The whole point is to clear away that anxiety by having a plan of attack that is ready when you are.

This is YOUR time

If you have to do some work over the break, schedule work hours ahead of time. How about between 7-9 in the morning before the day gets going? Stick with your schedule so you have a clear delineation between work time and family time. Let your clients and colleagues know when they can expect to hear from you so their schedule doesn’t sneak into your family time. Easier said than done, of course, but setting boundaries early on will help avoid miscommunication and unneeded stress.

Use it or lose it

When was the last time you went to the dentist? How many vacation days do you have? Now is the time to take stock in what benefits are available to you, and use them up while you still can. It might not be easy to take vacation during the next 2 weeks, and if you lose out on a few days, it’s ok. It may feel like throwing away the last slice of pie, but there will be more pie. There’s always more pie. As a future favor to yourself, take a look at the first few months of the next year and plan a few special days off. The deep winter can be a tough time for many, and a day off to purge your closet, binge a show, or even take a long weekend in Florida, might be just what you didn’t know you needed. Having something to look forward to can be such a nice mental trick to help you cope through the deep, dark winter. 

Clean all the things!

A friend of mine nearly fell over when she saw the number of unread emails on my phone mail app. 27,050 is my current number. I’m so ashamed. Granted, this is 3 different email inboxes, and most of it’s spam, but it taunts me everyday. Add to the list the number of channels I subscribe to and never watch, the mail-order wine from the deep days of the pandemic, and the audiobook app that I rarely use since I’m not in the car as much as I used to be. Sound familiar? It’s time to purge, simplify, and start fresh. But don’t tackle it all at once. My plan is to use my quiet mornings, as I sit down with my coffee, to spend 15 minutes cleaning 1 area. Little by little, your inbox will shine, and you’ll feel lighter, richer, and ready for the new year.

(Tip: there are a number of apps like Truebill and Trim, that help you find and cancel subscriptions you forgot about. Clever, huh?)

Just say no thanks

You get invited to your neighbor’s annual holiday potluck, and you always have a nice time, but for some reason you just don’t feel like going this year. Or you feel nervous about being among a large group of people even though you are vaccinated. Maybe you would just rather stay home on Christmas instead of trekking to Altoona to visit your grandparents. Or maybe you don’t have the cash to buy gifts for every single one of your siblings. If you need permission to say no, consider it given. Release the guilt. Release the obligation. Release the FOMO. I promise you the world will continue to spin, your loved ones will forgive you, and you will have a fantastic time in your own home, in your cozy pants, eating that last slice of pie. 

Take it easy

The holiday season can be tough emotionally. For some, this year may be especially difficult. The last two years have done a number on us all in many different ways. The pandemic, the loss of loved ones, changes in friendships, families, our routine, our jobs, our finances. Grief comes in many forms. Maybe you just have a general sense of anxiety, or loss of joy when we are traditionally supposed to be filled with it. When the feelings come creeping, take some time to give yourself the gift of self-care. Go easy on yourself. Talk to a friend, write in your journal, take a brisk walk, get into a creative project that requires heavy focus, have a good cry, take an epic shower.

No one is obligated to always feel happy during the holidays, but there will be moments of joy. It’s your job to keep your eyes out for them. During the toughest times, finding gratitude in those small pleasures is healing. Collect them up like pennies in the street. You’ll find that they add up to so much more. The smell of fresh bread. The glowing menorah. A snoring dog. Unboxing Christmas decorations you forgot you had. The first snow. A warm blanket on a chilly day. The last slice of pie.

Friends, I hope you find some joy and calm during the holiday season, whatever that looks like for you. If you are lucky enough to have everything you need for a truly awesome winter break, consider passing it along. Help a struggling friend, give the gift of time and volunteer, or visit an elderly neighbor. There are those who are not as fortunate as you feel, and in sharing a smile, a kind word, your time, or wealth, you can give them the gift of gratitude, and lighten your own heart as well. Happy Holidays, and may it be filled with pie.

Choosing words wisely

Monica Mockus
Monica Mockus

Principal & Executive Creative Director

Who knew that stringing together a concise positioning statement for a company that’s had 7 years to find itself could be so difficult?

Everyone but me, apparently.

Seven years in and it’s time for a rebrand. Surprisingly, our new visual identity materialized fairly quickly and to much fanfare. What remain elusive, however, are the words.

We’ve got a shiny new coat of arms but no battle cry.

With a background in graphic design, I’m accustomed to criticism and revisions. I approach design like science, an exercise in creative problem-solving, as analytic as it is artistic. Decidedly not personal.

But words shape the world. Create possibility. Crush dreams. For me, crafting a message is a dangerous game. Ignatius may have eluded confrontation decrying his collapsing valve, but likely didn’t win any hearts.

So here I am wrestling with connotations, cliches, overuse, unintended references. My Big Chief is overflowing with strikethroughs and stet marks. I’ve spent hours contemplating a single word, debating it’s implications, philosophizing on origins. Agonizing over the possible and unending ways our message will be received by the world. Any half-decent creative knows when she’s gotten too close to the flame.

Time to go back to the process. The brilliance of design thinking is that you can build, deconstruct, and craft a completely new approach in mere minutes. Clear it all out and open a space for contribution. That’s where discovery and creative transform to invent and inspire. Getting the words out of my head means letting go of my ownership, of course. Like words, though, putting your passion out into to the world is the only way for it to become meaningful.

We haven’t quite found all of our words yet, but we trust the process and we’re resolutely on a path to voicing our vision.

Happy New Carménère!

the mock5 team
the mock5 team

The mock5 wine is here! We’ve partnered with Stone and Key Cellars to vint 3 luscious wines that we are super proud of. The most recent to get bottled is a glorious Carménère. Delightfully sweet and spicy, this addition to the mock5 collection of wines is perfect for chilly nights around the fire. 

The best part about creating your own family of wine is getting to create the labels. The designs for these bottles were inspired by the little things that we hold so dear during our socially-distant 2020. Gathering with friends, sharing a laugh and good bottle of wine. These wines embody the spirit of mock5, our love for each other, and our hope for a brighter year ahead.

We loved the labels so much, they inspired our new branding! The cheery colors and organic pattern is a symbol of going with the flow and staying positive during these tough times. It’s a little reminder to take a moment to enjoy the little things in life. We can’t wait to see you all again, but until then if you want to sample our wine, reach out. Cheers!